REF# Issue Reported Resolved
ASP495 Issue with Remote Signatures and Holiday Period Requests Dec. 15, 2020 Dec. 16, 2020
There have been reports of an error occurring with Remote Signatures for Timesheets along with Holiday Period Requests. 

When attempting to action a remote signature a message will appear - Error. An Error occurred while processing your request. 

When submitting a holiday period the submit button is not changing and it appears that it has not been submitted. Clicking the button again will replicate the holiday period and submit the request again. 

We are working on both of these issues with a high priority and will notify you once they are resolved. 

Update (Dec. 16, 2020)
There has been a fix released overnight for both of the issues listed above.

If an educator has submitted multiple holiday periods you can approve one and reject the others or ask the educator to revoke the request for the multiples.

Affected Service Types
  • FDC
  • IHC