REF# Issue Reported Resolved
ASP12 Inclusion Support July 13, 2018 Sept. 20, 2018
We are currently waiting on CCS to complete a fix in order for you to submit your case claims, we have not received a date for this release yet but we will keep you updated

Update (Aug. 1, 2018)
We have now received the details from CCS and our developers are now working on this, when we have a release date we will send out a further update.

Update (Sept. 20, 2018)
We have been advised by CCSS that ISS has now been fixed.  If you have previously submitted an ISS case claim and it has been rejected, please cancel this and submit a new ISS case claim and it should now get processed.

If it does come back rejected again please advise our support desk via email with all the details of the ISS case claim and we will investigate further for you with CCSS.

Affected Service Types
  • FDC
  • IHC